Drain Cleaning in Fort Worth, TX

At Russell Plumbing, we offer the Fort Worth area’s most reliable drain cleaning services at affordable prices. Our service agents are always ready to help, even in an after-hours emergency. Customers choose us because we’re:

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Kitchen Drain

We use our kitchen drains quite often, so it’s no surprise that clogs form frequently. Whether the problem is caused by fat, grease, or food debris, our plumbers will clear the clog and get your kitchen sink drain flowing again.

Bathroom Drains

A functional bathroom is crucial to a home’s overall comfort and hygiene. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that bathroom drains are in peak condition. From showers to sinks, we have the experience, skills, and equipment to address bathroom clogs and slow-moving drains.


A home’s toilets may clog for a variety of reasons. While minor clogs can typically be resolved with a plunger, major clogs may need a professional’s touch. By hiring a clogged drain service in Fort Worth, TX, homeowners can reduce the risk of sewage backups and other messy problems.

Bathtubs and Showers

There’s nothing more inconvenient than a clogged tub or shower stall. And, while do-it-yourself methods may offer some degree of relief, it’s vital to ask a professional to remove stubborn buildup of soap scum, pet hair, and human hair.

Laundry Room Drains

The drains in a laundry room are an important, yet frequently forgotten, part of a home’s indoor comfort. Most Texans rely on their laundry rooms every day, so it’s essential to give drains the care they need. Call today to make your next laundry day easier!

Floor Drains

A floor drain may help a homeowner prevent water damage during a plumbing emergency or a flood. That’s why it’s important to have these drains serviced and inspected regularly. Our team of licensed plumbers will handle these drain clogs reliably and effectively.

Outdoor Drains

Like the drains found inside a Fort Worth home, outdoor drains need occasional maintenance. These drains direct rainwater away from a home’s foundation, minimizing the risk of flooding and water damage. With time, outdoor drains can become clogged from built-up sand, leaves, twigs, rocks, and other debris.

Sewer Line Cleanouts

A home’s sewer line is its main drain. Running from 12 to 24 inches long, it’s tough to locate in some homes. With professional drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX, homeowners will receive the clog removal services they need to prevent a smelly and foul sewage backup.

Roof Drains

Whether it’s near the gutters or on a flat roof, a roof drain must be maintained and cleared like any other drain in a home. If there’s a clog in a roof drain, it may create an overflow that leads to roof leaks and water damage.

Yard and Landscape Drains

Drains in the yard serve an important purpose: they prevent flooding after heavy rainfall. However, they may become clogged because of soil and organic debris buildup. Keep your landscape drains ready to handle Texas’ rough weather by calling the pros at Russell Plumbing.

Sump Pumps and Basement Drains

To avoid sewage buildups and home flooding, it’s crucial to ensure that basement drains are debris-free and sump pumps are tested regularly. With help from Russell’s pros, your home’s basement drainage system will get the preventive care it needs to prevent a dangerous flood.

Professional Plumbers in Fort Worth, Texas Provide the Area’s Best Service

There’s a big reason why Russell Plumbing is Fort Worth’s destination for drain care. We take great pride in the jobs we do, whether it’s cleaning a clogged kitchen drain or keeping toilets running the way they should.

If your drain is clogged up with debris or it’s just running slowly, we are the team to count on. Here, we have the most advanced equipment, in-depth training, and modern technology to provide Fort Worth’s home and business owners with the sewer maintenance and drain cleaning services needed to restore plumbing system function, safety, and convenience.

Are you ready to give this all-important system the care and maintenance it deserves? Get in touch with us! Whether the problem you’re dealing with is large or small, we can handle them all. Call Russell Plumbing to schedule service or request an estimate online. We’re here to serve you in any way possible.