Slab Leak Detection and Repairs in Fort Worth, TX

Slabs are a common foundation used to build homes. Many homes in the Forth Worth area rely on slab foundations due to the type of ground under them. If a house is built on a concrete slab, the plumbing will likely be inside the concrete. Accessing water pipes and detecting leaks in homes like this will be more difficult. It also makes it difficult to notice a problem until significant damage has occurred. Another issue is slab leaks have a high risk of compromising structural integrity in the house.

Homeowners that take the time to know what to be aware of will have less stress and lower repair costs. Learning more about Slab Leak Detection will help avoid costly plumbing repairs later.

Detecting Slab Leaks Easier

Though it may be harder to detect a slab leak when compared to other plumbing problems, there will be signs a homeowner should know. Being mindful of slab leak symptoms is a trait of a good homeowner. The sooner a homeowner can call a professional plumbing service for Slab Leak Repair in Fort Worth, TX, the better.

There are some signs a homeowner can look for that will let them know there could be a leak in their foundation. The following are some of the more obvious signs that a homeowner can spot: 

  • Hearing water running underneath the flooring while appliances and taps are all turned off.
  • Dampness to floors or carpeting in the house, without explanation.
  • Mustiness, mildew, or mold found in areas of the house.
  • Unusual warm spots on the flooring.
  • Warping or buckling of floorboards.
  • Decreased water pressure.
  • Unexplained pooling of water on floors.
  • Evidence of standing water was found around the house’s foundation.
  • A noticeable spike in the cost of the home’s water bill.

Using the home’s water meter is a great way to test if there’s a slab leak. Turn off all appliances and water fixtures first. Then check your water meter for the next fifteen minutes. The water meter will register how much water has flowed during that time frame. If the meter has registered anything, that is a good sign that the homeowner should call a professional.

Causes of Slab Leaks

There are several causes of slab leaks in a home or property. The most common culprits of a slab leak are:

  • Poor plumbing installations.
  • Old copper piping.
  • Trees, shifting soil, erosion, and other weather conditions can cause extensive damage.
  • Hard water (which is too acidic on some piping material) will erode piping.
  • Aging piping.

While some of these factors are avoidable, others like weather systems and earthquakes are not. Knowing more about the area of the home will help the homeowner detect and avoid slab leaks easier.

When it comes to copper piping or older pipe installations, time and erosion will be their worst enemies. Rerouting pipes to avoid these eroded areas will be the best solution. Not only will it avoid costly repairs, but it will also prevent further damage to the concrete slab.

Fixing Slab Leaks

Many Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX can tell any homeowner how difficult slab leaks can be to repair. This difficulty is because of how hard it is to access them inside the slab. Flooring will need to be removed, and the plumbing technician will have to hammer down through the concrete to uncover the pipe. Working with a licensed and professional plumbing service is the wisest choice a homeowner can make when dealing with a slab leak.

The biggest worry homeowners have will be the extent of work required to fix the problem. While most homeowners will fear this means the entire home needs to be re-piped, that will not be the case. Depending on the leak, it may be easier to reroute the home’s plumbing system instead of re-piping it entirely.

Rerouting a house’s plumbing will be more cost-efficient and faster. This type of repair does not require digging further into the slab either. This also prevents further damage to the home.

What to do About a Slab Leak

Slab leaks are notoriously frustrating and are extremely inconvenient situations for homeowners. These leaks will develop quietly over time, making it difficult to detect them until they have already caused damage. The best way to prevent this situation, or repair an existing one, is to rely on professionals like Russell Plumbing. With over 20 years of experience from our master plumber, we can offer the expertise and confidence you need. We offer 24/7 plumbing services to help you when you need it most.