Drain Repair Fort Worth, TX

An intact sewer drainage line is an essential part of a clean and comfortable home. When a sewer line backs up or leaks, it can be a frustrating experience for homeowners. Compromised sewer pipes can be a mess to clean up, often causing unpleasant smells to permeate the home in the meantime. Worse yet, it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the leak or damage to the sewer line.

Preventing a sewer line from breaking or backing up is one of the best lines of defense a homeowner has against these issues. Knowing how to spot the main causes of damage or clogs can help expedite a solution. Below are some of the most common causes of backed up, leaking, or damaged sewer lines and how to repair or replace them with the help of professional Plumbers in Forth Worth, TX.

Potential Causes of Damage to Sewer Lines

There are a variety of factors to consider when trying to figure out what caused the damage to a sewer line. If the pipe is underground there could be risk factors of tree roots. If the pipe is in the home, there could be corrosion affecting the pipes or debris in them.

Tree roots are some of the most common enemies of water and gas lines. While most contractors will avoid areas where roots could already exist, tree roots naturally seek out sources of water as the tree grows. If there’s a small leak in the ground from the pipe, any nearby root systems will be attracted to it and potentially risk the pipe itself.

Roots will start wrapping around any pipes they make contact with while searching for water, even breaking into them by weakening the structure of the pipe. Updating older homes that have clay sewer pipes is important as these types of pipes are highly susceptible to root damage.

Corrosion is another major factor when searching for any leaks in piping. Calcium and magnesium build-up can affect steel and cast iron water pipes. These elements build up from regular wear and tear. Leaving them untreated will put the pipe and your water quality at risk.

Debris can cause significant damage and clog a home’s drain system. Drain systems are only equipped to handle toilet paper and human waste. Other items flushed down the toilet or rinsed into drains will run the risk of causing a clog or worse in your drain pipes, requiring professional Drain Line Repair.

Signs of a Problem

One of the most obvious signs that there’s a plumbing issue in the home will be signs of water or foul smells. If areas of the yard are flooding, it could be a sign that a sewer pipe underneath the ground is leaking. Flooding can also occur inside the home.

Another obvious sign that there is a drain problem will be the most obvious one: difficulties with draining. When multiple drains in the home are having issues, it normally means there’s an issue with the primary drain line. If the problem is localized to a bathroom or kitchen, it could just require Sink Drain Repair in Fort Worth, TX to resolve it.

Services That Can Help

There are two methods involved in repairing sewer lines. The most common involves digging a trench around the damaged pipe and repairing it directly. The second process, which is quickly becoming popular, involves trenchless repair using cameras and special tools. If the damage is too extensive, however, the pipe may need to be replaced entirely.

If the pipe does need to be replaced due to extensive damage, plumbing technicians will need to dig up the existing lines and replace them. A trenchless replacement method does exist but can be more costly and time-consuming. It involves inserting a system into the pipe and bursting the existing pipe as a new one replaces it.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential for homeowners to take care of their home’s plumbing. It can often be costly to repair extensive damage to a home from a plumbing issue. Catching them ahead of time is a lot easier to manage. Always keep an eye out in the home for excess water, leaks, or odd smells.

If any of these signs exist in the home, you should seek professional plumbing assistance from our experienced plumbers at Russell Plumbing. We can get your home back up and running with our reliable 24/7 plumbing services and friendly technicians. Don’t let an inexperienced plumber cause you more issues than you need. Let us get the water flowing again in your home.