Professional Garbage Disposal Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Garbage disposals are helpful kitchen appliances that keep the home cleaner and eliminate unpleasant smells. Food waste is no longer a problem, as the garbage disposals grind food waste and let it flow away from the kitchen. If there is a problem with the disposal, plumbing professionals perform fast repairs and restore its function.  

A Jammed Disposal 

Objects get jammed inside the garbage disposal blades, and the homeowner must get the items or debris out to restore the appliance’s function. The most common causes of jams are fats or oils, stringy vegetables, fruit seeds, large bones, and non-food items. Sometimes, homeowners can remove these items by shutting off the garbage disposal via the breaker. They can put on gloves and reach into the garbage disposal to pull the object out. If they cannot remove the jam and start the garbage disposal, the homeowner sets up Professional Garbage Disposal Repair by contacting a licensed plumber. 

Eliminating Unpleasant Smells from the Garbage Disposal

Unpleasant smells coming from the garbage disposals are usually the result of poor maintenance. Plumbing experts recommend cleaning the garbage disposal at least once a week, and the steps are easy. The homeowner uses one-half a cup of baking soda and one-half cup of vinegar to clean the garbage disposal. They pour the baking soda and vinegar into the garbage disposal and then turn on the hot water after waiting 10 minutes. The mixture flushes out bacteria and germs, and the garbage disposal is sanitary.  

The Garbage Disposal Won’t Come On

If the garbage disposal fails to turn on, the issue might be the power source. The first step is to check the breaker and ensure the switch is on. Try flipping the power switch on the garbage disposal on and off. Unplug the garbage disposal and then plug it back in. If none of these steps help, set up Professional Garbage Disposal Repair in Forth Worth, TX now. 

The Sink is Draining Slowly

Garbage disposals grind up food and allow the food waste to drain from the sink. If the blades aren’t sharp enough, the garbage disposal cannot grind the food as expected. A plumbing professional can replace the blades and restore the proper function of the garbage disposal.  

There Are Grinding Noises

Grinding noises indicate a problem with the garbage disposal, and the homeowner needs repair services. The most common causes of grinding noises are jams in the garbage disposal or the parts inside the appliance aren’t performing as expected. A licensed plumber inspects the garbage disposal and tests all parts for appropriate function. Once they know which part is faulty, the Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, set up repair services and give the homeowner a comprehensive estimate for the costs. 

There’s a Leak Coming From the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal leaks cause damage in the cabinet under the sink, and mold develops inside the lower cabinets when the area is always wet. A common problem is the O-ring around the garbage disposal, and the homeowner needs to replace it at the first sign of a leak. Sink flanges also leak, and a plumber can tighten the hardware to stop the leak and restore function. If the homeowner doesn’t notice the leak for a while, they need plumbing repairs, and they might need to set up water damage repairs. A fast inspection from a plumbing professional helps homeowners find the culprit and avoid property and water damage.  

When You Need a New Garbage Disposal

If the garbage disposal is faulty, the homeowner needs to purchase a new garbage disposal and set up the new installation with a licensed plumbing professional. Plumbers recommend garbage disposals for properties based on the household’s demands. The plumbers present all the pros and cons of each model and give the property owner a full estimate for the installation.

When comparing the garbage disposals, the homeowner considers the cost of maintaining the garbage disposal and common repairs. Plumbers give the homeowner further insight into how much the garbage disposal costs each year beyond the installation.

The plumber considers the food waste requirements for the household according to how many members are in the household. If the homeowner entertains guests often, they need a garbage disposal to accommodate a higher volume of food waste generated by those additional guests. 

Where to Get Plumbing Services

At Russell Plumbing, we perform superior plumbing services, including garbage disposal repairs and installations. Our licensed plumbers have the skills to tackle any plumbing problems quickly and restore the system’s function quickly. Are you experiencing a plumbing problem? Set up an appointment for garbage disposal repairs now.