Professional Garbage Disposal Installation

Food waste is a concern for all homeowners, and it ends up in kitchen trash cans daily. Parents of teens know that food waste can become a real issue, especially when teens neglect garbage duties. Instead of relying on others to take out the trash and get food waste out of the home, property owners install garbage disposals to eliminate food waste and all the unwanted issues that emerge from it. Finding out all the benefits of garbage disposals shows homeowners why they are great assets for the home.   

Cutting Down on Kitchen Sink Clogs

Kitchen sink clogs are a common problem for homeowners. A sink clog increases bacteria in the drain and prevents wastewater from draining through the plumbing system. Grease, food, and other particles cause sink clogs, but garbage disposals prevent these clogs and keep water draining as expected. Garbage disposals grind food waste and drain it from the kitchen sink.  

A serious clog in the kitchen sink that remains for days allows bacteria and mold to develop and spread. The germs and spores from these developments cause illnesses in the family. If the homeowner waits too long, the bacteria and mold spread throughout the connecting drain lines. These substances go away with a garbage disposal if the homeowner maintains their unit. Experts recommend cleaning the garbage disposal at least once a week to remove particles and stop bacteria and mold buildups in the drain.  

Unpleasant Odors in the Kitchen 

Food waste causes unpleasant odors in the kitchen, and the longer it stays in the kitchen garbage, the more it smells. Even if the family takes out the trash twice daily, food waste in the trash can makes the kitchen unpleasant. A Professional Garbage Disposal Installation eliminates this problem, and the kitchen smells fresh.  

How to Clean the Garbage Disposal

The easiest way to clean a garbage disposal is to pour one-half cup of baking soda and one-half cup of vinegar into the drain. Wait ten minutes, and then turn on the hot water and let it rinse out the garbage disposal. 

Cut Down on the Volume of Kitchen Trash

Food waste makes up over half the garbage in the kitchen, especially when the owner cleans out their refrigerator. Garbage disposals cut down on food waste in the kitchen, and the owner doesn’t accumulate as much garbage in the kitchen. They save money on garbage bags for their kitchen trash can and reduce how often they use plastic bags. That’s good for the environment and reduces costs for the home.  

With a garbage disposal, the homeowner won’t have as much trash each day, and they can manage household requirements easier. Reducing the volume of indoor garbage makes it easier for the family to keep trash and unwanted pests out of the home. 

Mitigate the Risk of Pest Infestations

Pests such as rodents and roaches need a reliable food source and water to survive. Food waste gives these pests the food they need to thrive, and garbage disposals eliminate the food waste. The plumbing installations mitigate the risk of pest infestations and keep the home more sanitary.  

Signs of Garbage Disposal Issues

There are signs of garbage disposal problems of which homeowners must be aware. First, the motor hums, but the disposal won’t grind the food waste, and then there are times when the garbage disposal shuts down before the owner flips the switch. Loud motors, water leaks, and water backups indicate that the garbage disposal needs repairs or replacement.

An inspection by a plumbing professional determines if repairs are feasible or if the owner needs to schedule replacement services for the garbage disposal. Plumbers understand these signs and know what to do to correct them.

Essential Maintenance for Garbage Disposals

Homeowners perform maintenance tasks for garbage disposals, including running the disposal at least once a week to test proper function. Next, cleaning the garbage disposal maintains the appliance and cuts down on problems, and manufacturers provide explicit instructions on how to clean the garbage disposal and how often. Odors that come from the garbage disposal are easy to eliminate. The homeowner pours vinegar and baking soda into the drain to eliminate bacteria, and food waste smells disappear quickly.  

Setting Up a New Installation

Garbage disposals are beneficial solutions for homes that need to manage food waste. The disposals eliminate food wastes and the associated unpleasant odors, and owners keep their homes cleaner. Pest infestations don’t become a problem since the pests don’t have a reliable food source. Would a garbage disposal improve your kitchen? Contact a plumbing professional for more information now.